Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer


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My main specialty is representing clients charged with criminal offences. I also represent clients on Accident Compensation matters both at Tribunal; District and High Court levels and I also represent clients on drink driving/limited licence matters. In all cases I work with my clients to defend their position and get the best results I can. I conduct appeals against convictions and sentencing and can assist with gaining name suppression and obtaining bail. I represent clients at Parole Board Hearings, Departmental Prosecutions and Accident Compensation claims and disputes.

What I do

  • Accident Compensation Claims and Disputes

    If you have an ACC dispute including appeals to the District Court and the High Court then I would love to help you.

  • Parole Board Hearings

    Are you almost ready for a Parole Board Hearing? For almost 30 years I have successfully represented clients at their Parole Board hearings. I am available to travel to any prison in New Zealand.

  • Jury Trials

    As a top criminal lawyer I represent clients in both District Court and High Court jury trials involving  charges of a serious nature.  I have successfully represented many clients, including some very high profile cases, for almost 30 years.  Take a read of some of my case successes.

    My success

  • Appeals

    If faced with the need to appeal a court decision I can help you. I  deal with appeals which are heard either in the High Court, the Court of Appeal or with leave, to the Supreme Court. I have had successful appeals overturning convictions, obtaining reduced sentences and obtaining favourable pre-trial.

  • Bail

    The most urgent issue many of my clients are faced with when arrested and charged is obtaining bail. Call me today if you need help.  I have successfully obtained bail for clients, including electronically monitored bail. I have also successfully appealed District Court decisions refusing bail for serious matters with bail then being granted in the High Court.

  • Serious Crime

    My speciality is criminal law including: murder and manslaughter, all child abuse/neglect cases, drugs – All Class A, B and C drugs, sexual allegations (present and historic), fraud, serious violence (eg assaults causing grievous bodily harm), aggravated robbery, kidnapping, arson, money laundering, fraud by participation in an organised group, perverting the course of justice, blackmail, burglary, assault and family violence.