If you qualify for Legal Aid, you will be represented with the same respect and professionalism as someone who does not qualify for Legal Aid and is paying privately.

For example, a recent query I received from a client who has been charged on a serious matter, if found guilty, is facing life imprisonment, wrote:

Hi Lorraine, I just had a quick question for you… A family member has offered to help me out with a loan towards my legal costs. Now I know I am covered via legal aid but do you think it would help my case if I was paying you? I’m guessing with legal aid cases you are probably restricted time-wise and wondered if I was able to pay more towards thing would this help.

My reply:

If you were paying me privately, I would get considerably more than if I was on criminal Legal Aid. However, that would not affect in the least the amount of preparation that I would do whether it was on Legal Aid or private. You cannot afford to pay me privately so I do not think you should take money from other people who may not be able to afford it.

The quality of work you get from me will be the same, whether it is in legal aid, or a private fee.