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She appears before the Court of Appeal on a regular basis and has appeared in the Supreme Court. Lorraine has also appeared twice in the Privy Council seeking leave to appeal. She served for four years on the Auckland District Law Society’s Law Reform Subcommittee and is presently a member of the Auckland District Criminal Law Committee.

She also conducted seminars on advocacy skills for Practitioners in South Auckland before the Litigation Skills Programme commenced.

In 1984 after conducting the defence in the Gloria Kong kidnapping trial in Timaru, she travelled to Philadelphia and interviewed Professor Orme, who examined Patty Hearst and gave evidence at her trial. She brought back affidavits and articles on hypnotism and argued them before a court of five Judges in the Court of Appeal. This resulted in guidelines for hypnotising Police witnesses being laid down by that Court. At the conclusion of the enquiry into Oakley Hospital, she wrote a thesis on the Mental Health Act 1969. She travelled to America, met with Mental Health Professionals in Sacramento, visited Psychiatric Institutions and discussed USA Legislation with members of the Senate. On her return to New Zealand she rewrote the Mental Health Act and sent it to the then Minister of Health. He telephoned her and said he had thrown it into the rubbish bin. The Department of Heath eventually took it up, made changes to it and the Draft Bill became Law.

Lorraine is also an advocate for Pro-Life issues and took a test case through the New Zealand Courts to the Privy Council in England. She successfully defended the man charged with smashing the America’s Cup.

Lorraine is involved with Rotary and her husband was responsible for introducing and implementing a drug avoidance scheme, which is now taught by the Police throughout New Zealand Schools. B.A. LL.B (Hons) M.Jur, Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. Admitted to the Bar in 1980, she is most well known in recent years as the defence lawyer for Chris Kahui.


Self – Motivation – How to be successful when you do not have an education.

Medico-Legal Issues – Cloning, the right to die etc.

Criminal Law – The relationship between some of the more interesting cases, social issues and human nature.

Travel – backpacked extensively overseas, staying in convents and other interesting places.

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